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Welcome Reception

ICSM 2012 will commence with a Welcome Reception at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta on the evening of Sunday, July 8th. All registrants are invited to attend the Welcome Reception and mingle with their fellow participants in a relaxed atmosphere.


ICSM 2012 will include oral presentations as well as three poster sessions. All talks and poster sessions will take place at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.


A banquet will be hosted at the Georgia Aquarium on the evening of Wednesday, July 11th.

ICSM 2012 Agenda PDF 


  • (Bio) imaging, labeling, and sensing with organic chromophores/semiconductors
  • Conjugated polymer/oligomer/molecule synthesis
  • Electro-active and electrochromic organic materials and devices
  • Graphene / carbon nanotubes and their applications
  • Industrial development of organic devices
  • Interfacial science in organic devices
  • Organic electronics and photonics
  • Organic materials and devices for OLEDs and solid-state lighting applications
  • Organic materials and devices for transistor applications
  • Organic nonlinear optical chromophores, materials, and devices
  • Organic photovoltaic materials and devices
  • Organic semiconductor, conductor, and superconductor materials
  • Organic-based magnetic materials
  • Plastic / flexible electronics
  • Theory / modeling of organic semiconductors, conductors, and superconductors